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Engine Inspection

The effectiveness of the VJ-Advance, by RF System Lab, for the use of engine inspections of many types is well documented. The VJ-Advance comes in both 3.9 mm and 6.9 mm diameter making it the perfectly sized inspection camera for getting into all those tight spaces where you’d otherwise be unable to see. If you want to be a better technician then you need the VJ-Advance in your arsenal for all types of engine borescope inspections.

Aviation Inspection

Borescopes by RF System Lab work well for inspecting both turbine and piston driven aircraft engines. The VJ-Advance borescope system is a popular choice of aircraft MRO centers because of it’s wide range of features and competitive pricing.

Our borescopes easily allow your technicians the ability to diagnose and see the problem before a full tear down is required. We’ve also found that being able to see the problem first hand allows service center technicians to more effectively communicate the severity of damages that need to be repaired to the customer. The still and video images also allow for impressive before and after documentation of the exact issues addressed during the repair.

See the full aircraft inspection case study.

Borescopes for Diesel Engines

Using our borescopes for diesel engine inspections can be critical. The fully articulating, corrosion resistant borescope tip will allow you to get into all those impossible to see places and perform much of the inspection without ever needing to tear down the engine. This will save you time otherwise wasted on unneeded troubleshooting and disassembling efforts.

Turbine Inspection

Turbine inspection is another very common use for the VJ-Advance. Most commonly, we’ve found our borescope used by customers inspecting various land-based turbines for power generation. Our borescope provides the clear images you’ll need to perform routine inspections quickly and easily, allowing you to determine the working condition and maintenance needs of virtually any turbine produced by the major manufacturers.