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The Importance of Regular Inspections on Reciprocating Engines

Large bore reciprocating engines are used in many industries and applications, including natural gas compressors, on-site power generation, ship propulsion and mining equipment. Because of the high temperature / high stress characteristics of this type of power source, reciprocating engines are prone to fatigue damage over time. Also, because of the sometimes continuous (24/7) duty cycle of these engines, minimizing the downtime of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance is absolutely critical.

Video Borescopes for Reciprocating Engines


Choosing the Right Inspection Equipment

If you work on large bore reciprocating /piston engines, the VJ-Advance video borescope can help you save time and money by allowing you to see the internal condition of combustion chambers, piston domes, valves and gear boxes – all without costly and time-consuming disassembly. If you have an access hole, such as an injector port, at least 3.9mm in diameter, you will be able to snake the insertion tube of the VJ-Advance through this point and into the area you need to inspect.

Test Drive the VJ-ADV Borescope to Ensure it fits Your Application

Don’t waste valuable time taking apart your engine trying to diagnose a problem when you could accomplish the same thing by employing the ground-breaking technology behind the VJ-ADV. Sign up for our no-cost, no-obligation demo program, and put our scope to the test working on your equipment. You’ll quickly see how the great portability and joystick-controlled camera articulation of the VJ-ADV can save you time and money on all of your recip engine inspections

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