MIAT-RF System Lab-VJ-Advance- Pratt & Whitney Turbine

Borescopes for Pratt & Whitney

Founded in 1925, Pratt & Whitney is one of the world’s leading producers of aerospace turbines and equipment. Widely considered one of the “Big Three” in aero-engine production (along with GE and Rolls Royce), Pratt & Whitney equipment is found all over the world – especially in commercial airline fleets.

More than 25% of the world’s passenger aircraft are powered by Pratt & Whitney aero-engines. Over 16,000 large engines are in service – and RF System Lab’s VJ-Advance video borescopes are the perfect tool for keeping these quality engines running at peak performance.

Our articulating video borescopes are the ideal tool for visually inspecting Pratt & Whitney engines, like the V2500, GP7200, PW4000 and PW2000 families, and other popular turbine engines. Airlines count on Pratt & Whitney’s commercial engines to power hundreds of flights every day. Now, they can rely on the line of VJ-Advance video borescopes from RF System Lab to ensure that those aircraft engines are in the best shape.

Pratt & Whitney Equipment

The VJ-Advance video borescope can be used for Pratt & Whitney Equipment Inspections on:

  • PurePower PW1000G Engine
  • V2500 Engine
  • GP7200 Engine
  • PW4000 Engine Family
  • PW2000 Engine Family
  • PW6000 Engine Family
  • JT8D Engine
  • JT9D Engine
  • JT15D Turbofan
  • PW300 Turbofan
  • PW500 Turbofan
  • PW600 Turbofan
  • PW800 Turbofan
  • PT6A Turboprop
  • PW100/150 Turboprop
  • PT6T Twin Pac Turboshaft
  • PT6B Turboshaft
  • PT6C Turboshaft
  • PW100TS Turboshaft
  • PW200 Turboshaft
  • PW210 Turboshaft

Our borescopes provide crews with tremendous precision and control when inspecting any of these Pratt & Whitney machines. Articulated scopes allow the user to reach far into the turbine where the human eye cannot, and make an accurate assessment of condition and performance. Using the built-in, high-quality video display and the flexible scope to perform non-destructive testing, the operator can peer deep into the inner-sanctum of the turbine without a costly, and potentially unsafe, manual disassembly – saving both time and money while increasing accuracy and safety.

Test the VJ-Advance video borescope on your Pratt & Whitney equipment at your own facility with our no-cost, no-obligation demo program. Contact one of our sales consultants today to sign up!