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NDE (nondestructive evaluation)




Nondestructive Evaluation (Sometimes called Nondestructive Examination or NDE) is the process of using non-invasive procedures to inspect the condition of a material or measure a characteristic of an object without creating damage or disassembly. Remote Visual Inspection and most forms of Visual Inspection are technically different types of NDE. Utilizing a wide variety of technology, Eddy Current, Fluorescent Penetrant, Flux Leakage, Magnetic Particle, Radiographic, Tap Testing, Thermography, and Ultrasonic are just a few of the different types of Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) that are used in the industry today.

Related terms: remote visual inspection (RVI), visual inspection, eddy current testing, fluorescent penetrant inspection, magnetic particle inspection, thermography

NDE (Nondestructive Evaluation) Images