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Videoscope Benefits for Power Plants

See Why the VJ-Advance is the Preferred Borescope for Power Gen

When you’re faced with turbine blades, gearboxes, nozzles, and diaphragms degraded by erosion, corrosion, or foreign object damage, using a VJ-Advance video borescope for RVI reduces downtime and increases operating efficiency. Our customers have learned first-hand that our borescopes offer reliable, proven performance that reduces equipment failures, improves plant availability, and saves them money.

See why a high quality articulating video borescope such as the VJ-ADV is one instrument you can’t afford not to have in your maintenance or diagnostic tool kit. RF System Lab serves customers world-wide that operate in coal, natural gas, methane, wind, hydroelectric, and nuclear facilities.

High-Quality Inspection Results

Used in hundreds of applications across the power generation industry, our borescopes delivers high quality inspection results. Whether you’re inspecting turbines, pumps, boilers, condensers, or pipelines, the VJ-Advance can help protect your equipment and extend the life of your power plant.

Portable, Durable, and Easy to Use

When you’re working in cramped and confined spaces, portability is essential. The VJ-Advance family of video borescopes combine portability, durability and the latest imaging technology in an easy-to-use system. The VJ-ADV improves your probability of detecting defects sooner, assists with performing routine predictive maintenance, and is built to survive the rigors of industrial environments. The easy-to-use VJ-Advance is a lightweight, versatile inspection system that provides high-resolution image and video capture, all powered by AA batteries.

Superior Imaging and Data Management

With the VJ-Advance’s all-in-one photo and video capture capability, it’s easy to obtain a visual record of the condition of your critical internal components. Monitor and record conditions over an extended period of time with date and time-stamped imaging and enhance your maintenance program by saving, organizing, and managing crisp digital inspection images.

Easy to Use, Right Out of the Box

When working with rotating and fixed equipment at a power generation facility, you know how to deal with complexity. But your job is already hard enough, so why work with a complex borescope too? The user-friendly VJ-Advance is compact, portable and easy to use, with no training required, while offering 360 degree visuals, high-resolution photo, video and audio capture, and a built-in full color LCD display.

The VJ-Advance video borescope provides value to power generation professionals by enhancing productivity, minimizing downtime, and maximizing efficiency. Contact one of our industry experts to discuss your needs and applications so RF System Lab can have the right unit for you on-site next day, if needed.