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Testimonials from RF System Lab Customers

Read what our customers are saying about our borescopes and how they have worked for their specific inspection applications, saving them time and money.

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This was a great addition to our tool cage. We had it in use ten minutes after arrival and it’s been busy ever since. Thanks, Sean!

Richard D. - Maintenance Supervisor

The LCD display is super clear and the joystick articulation control makes it easy to use.

Jerome S. - Support Facility Manager

We use your boresope in the field, so the portability is perfect for us to diagnose problems and show our customers the findings from our inspections.

Taylor R. - Boiler Service Technician

After handling some lower quality borescopes, we are very impressed with the capabilities of the scope from RF System Lab. Its user friendly design, maneuverability and high-quality camera definitely improve our job of recording gas engine physical condition. It’s a high-end borescope without the price tag!

Jose S. - Aviation Maintenance Manager

We manufacture heat exchangers. In the past, after we sealed up the tank, we had no way of doing a final inspection to look for any debris. One time, that mistake cost us a whole project, but now, with your borescope, we have 100% confidence that we didn’t miss a thing.

K.E. - Quality Control, Metrology (Heat Exchangers)

This is the best money we’ve ever spent. I’ve spent hours with our old equipment for what I did in seconds with the VJ-Advance.

Scott - Jet Air, Inc.

It’s easy to use, provides high quality images, and is now a standard part of our troubleshooting toolkit.

Jim P. - Senior Reliability Engineer

The VJ is lightweight and portable, and it delivers great image quality. Best of all, I have had this scope for two years and it still articulates like the day we bought it.

D. Perkins - Senior Director of Maintenance

It is awesome. Very intuitive. Very impressed.

J.F. - Big 3 Automotive Engineer

Even though we only took delivery of our RF System borescope recently, it has already proven very useful in diagnosing and documenting issues with some of our equipment. It is easy to use, provides high quality images, and is now a standard part of our troubleshooting toolkit.

Jim P. - Senior Reliability Engineer

When it comes to maintaining aircraft, you would be amazed the FOD (foreign object debris) that can get caught in all different areas of the cockpit. It is a life saver, literally, to have a borescope that is portable, easy to use and priced well enough so that anyone can own it. This scope not only saves us time, it has also gotten us out of a few very tough situations.

John P. - Director of Aging Aircraft Quality Controls

I have had no complaints whatsoever about this borescope. The engineers really like the compact size of the unit and its ease of use. This tool has easily already paid for itself just by virtue of the capability to take pictures and record video. We attach these images to an email and send it around to the team for discussion. I’m very impressed with your scope and like I said, we will be purchasing another very soon.

Jason Kendall - D.O.M/P.R.M., Keewatin Air LP

I just love the portability and design of your borescope! We use it more than any of the other scopes at the facility. The 6.9mm 5.0 meter unit handles 90% of my inspection needs. Thanks for the great video borescope!

Engineer, Dominion Nuclear Power

I could have easily spent $30,000 to get a larger screen or other accessories, but why? Your little scope does everything I need and more. I use it every day, and it has easily paid for itself 3-4 times so far.

Scott Kenny - Owner, Troutdale Aviation

What I appreciate most about the scope is the joystick 4-way articulation; it provides amazing capabilities. When you add in the ability to adjust the light levels up and down, along with the ability to record the images at the click of the trigger, you get much better results.

Scott Kenny - Owner, Troutdale Aviation

The borescopes have made a world of difference for our team in the successful diagnosis of engine issues. The guys absolutely love them. I consider RF System Lab to be a top notch company and I will recommend you to anyone who may have a need for your services.

Manufacturing Engineer

I opened up the hard-sided case it comes in, dropped in four AA batteries and I was in business. It was so simple to operate I didn’t need to read the Owner’s Manual. The unit is a single-handed device and the joystick articulation is easy to use. I love that you can take pictures with just a pull of the trigger, or video with just a push of a button. I haven’t tried the voice recording yet but I’m sure that will be an added bonus when needed.

Rick Knight - Owner, Optimum Aircraft Service

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I think that your company’s approach to let the customer make an educated decision using your equipment first is matchless. My engineering department is very excited about this great opportunity.

Gino - Quality Control Manager

Thank you so much for letting us take advantage of your demo program . . . without it, I would have never been able to expose upper management to your advanced technology and convince them of the value of owning one. This scope sells itself.

Alex - Engineer

Working with RF System Lab has been a breath of fresh air. We already use a couple scopes that cost about $30,000 each, but we were looking for a scope that we could use on a more regular basis. Not only did RF have a great scope at a great price, but they let us demo it in our own shop before we bought it. After demoing it, it was a no-brainer; the scope performed.

Ken W. - Quality Assurance Technician

This scope works just as well as any of the much higher priced scopes out there, and the image quality is as good as anything we have seen in the past.

Clete - President, Ground Power Generation Repair Company

We have tried other high-end units, and while they are impressive, they are also overpriced. We have seen less expensive units, and they are quite frankly a joke as far as quality of build and image quality. There is a strong likelihood that your unit will be the one that we purchase.

Nick Lindfors - Project Manager, Linfor Inc.

I had been shopping around for a good, quality videoscope for a couple of years. I checked all of the known manufacturers and read about their product. None of them really got me excited. When I came across RF Systems Lab’s VJ-ADV 3.9mm 1.5 meter videoscope I knew I had to try it. I called the company and talked with Casey O’Tool about it and I had a demo unit in my hands the next day.

Rick Knight - Owner, Optimum Aircraft Service

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RF System Lab was easy to work with and there was never any pressure to close a sale. I know that this was a good buy and will serve my business well for the years to come.”

Rick Knight - Owner, Optimum Aircraft Service

On a side note, I have been extremely impressed with your quick responses and willingness to go the extra mile with information and comparisons. You have been a true professional. Never too pushy while asking for the sale, yet prompt and polite. Your boss should know this.

Nick Lindfors - Project Manager, Linfor, Inc.

We heavily rely on our VJ-ADV 3.9mm borescope for doing many of our QC inspections, which require looking into otherwise inaccessible areas of our product. In addition to having a great product, your customer support is extremely professional and helpful. We recently had to send our borescope back to be serviced, and RF promptly sent a replacement loaner unit free of charge, which we used until we were done with our testing.

Steuart Turner - Mechanical Engineer, ION Geophysical

Our company has used just about every type of borescope there is, but this one is truly special. Great price and a top quality product, with the lowest cost of ownership for a borescope I have ever seen.

Gene M. - NDT Manager

I appreciate all the work on your end to make this happen. Thank you! Your company service is excellent, and that is part of why we ordered more borescopes. You can be sure that I will highly recommend RF System Lab when I meet other borescope users.

Jim S. - Operating Engineer