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RF System Lab Customer Success Stories

When it comes right down to it, there is only one reason for our success in the borescope business: we save customers time and money. The success stories below, as well as the customer testimonials throughout our website, are a natural outcome of putting great technology into the hands of skilled engineers and technicians.

+ Aviation/Aerospace CLICK TO VIEW

The VJ-Advance (VJ-ADV) from RF System Lab was selected because of its unique combination of features and very competitive price. Using the VJ-ADV, technicians are now able to conduct engine and airframe inspections quickly and easily, documenting with pictures and video the condition of any internal component or inspection target.

Aviation Case Study – Read our case study on an aircraft MRO center.


The Solar Turbine Taurus series is one of the most popular turbines ever produced. See for yourself how the VJ-ADV borescope delivers outstanding image quality during a routine inspection of a Taurus 60, quickly and easily providing critical information about the condition of this workhorse turbine.

Turbine Case Study – Read our case study on a Solar Turbine Taurus 60

+ Automotive Engine CLICK TO VIEW

After an auto tech used a breaker bar to remove a spark plug on a Chrysler 3.8 L V6 engine, examination of the plug revealed that its ceramic body had been cracked and tiny pieces were missing. While some of the pieces were found on the cylinder head plug seat, only a visual inspection of the combustion chamber could determine whether any shards had fallen in through the spark plug hole.

Automotive Case Study – Read our case study on a Chrysler 3.8L V6 engine.

+ Natural Gas Compressor CLICK TO VIEW

A natural gas compressor facility was having problems with their backup compressor, a Waukesha 7042. Control panel readings suggested coolant seepage into one or more of the 12 combustion chambers. The diagnosis could only be confirmed visually, which meant removal of the cylinder heads, requiring 6 hours of labor, or a 30 minute borescope inspection using the VJ-ADV from RF System Lab.

Natural Gas Compressor Case Study – Read our case study on a Waukesha 7041 compressor.

+ Industrial Pump CLICK TO VIEW

An industrial pump service and remanufacturing company had two goals in mind when they went shopping for a borescope. First, the scope had to be easy to use and portable enough to take on service calls. Second, it had to have four-way camera articulation in order to steer navigate the pipes and small through-holes that are commonly found in industrial pump applications. They found exactly what they were looking for with the VJ-ADV from RF System Lab.

Industrial Pump Case Study – Read our case study on Industrial Pump RVI.

+ Down Hole Motor CLICK TO VIEW

An oil drilling service company was facing $8,000 repair bills every time one of their PC pump stators was pushed past its breaking point. An internal remote visual inspection (RVI) of the stator was the only way to determine the useful life and avoid damage and the associated repair costs. The VJ-ADV video borescope from RF System Lab. provided the needed combination of portability, ease-of-use, image quality, and price.

Down Hole Motor Case Study – Read our case study on PC pump stators.

+ Factory Conveyor CLICK TO VIEW

A plywood manufacturer needed to inspect the roller bearings for its main conveyer motors. This inspection required a shutdown of the entire production line, and every minute of downtime would cost money. The VJ-ADV video borescope from RF System Lab was not only able to verify the condition of the roller bearings in record time, it also allowed technicians to use the onboard image capture to document and archive pictures for future reference.

Factory Conveyor Case Study – Read our case study on roller bearings for a conveyor motor.

+ Small Engine CLICK TO VIEW

A small engine repair shop needed a borescope, primarily to conduct engine and valve inspections. The instrument had to small and portable, had to articulate in order view in inside of the combustion chamber, piston dome and valves, and it had to have image capture capability. The VJ-ADV from RF System Lab was selected because it met all of these requirements.

Small Engine Case Study – Read our case study on small engine inspection.

+ Corrosion CLICK TO VIEW

The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) estimates that corrosion costs the United States $276 billion every year. Every non-service industry is impacted to one degree or another by the direct or indirect costs of corrosion prevention, mitigation or repair. The VJ-ADV is the ideal choice for any technician involved in corrosion control.

Corrosion Case Study – Read our case study on corrosion inspection.