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Remote Visual Inspections of Bearings and Gear Boxes

It is hard to imagine an industrial process or piece of equipment that doesn’t have bearings or a gear box. These are the workhorse components that for the most part go unnoticed, performing their intended function day after day, week after week – until they reach their breaking point and the entire process or machine comes to a (literally) grinding halt.

Borescopes are Essential Tools for Seeing What’s Happening Inside

Don’t let this happen to you. By incorporating the VJ-Advance borescope into your regular maintenance protocol, you can catch problem gears or bearing surfaces before they fail. Almost every gear box has an access port that can accommodate the ultra-thin insertion tube diameter of the VJ-ADV – as small as 2.8mm diameter. Once through the access port, you’ll be able to us the joystick camera controller to steer and point the camera at exactly the right area to inspect the gear teeth, races and bearings. With built-in image capture and video recording capability, you can document the condition of problem areas over time, and make the rebuild/replace decision before a catastrophic failure. And you’ll be able to do all this without messy and time-consuming disassembly.

Test Drive the VJ-ADV Borescope to Ensure it Works for You

Take the VJ-ADV for a test drive in your facility by signing up for our no-risk, no-obligation demo program. With this program, we’ll ship you a fully-functioning video borescope to use in your facility doing your inspections. We believe this is the best way for you to make an informed purchase decision and feel confident in the value that the VJ-ADV can bring to your preventive maintenance and repair process.

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