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The VJ-Advance (VJ-ADV) video borescope is a useful instrument in almost any maintenance or repair scenario. Here, the VJ-ADV is being used to examine the condition of the combustion chamber and piston dome in a Chrysler 3.8 liter engine.

Important Details on these Chrysler engine borescope photos:

Engine Valve Scorching: The engine valves in the photo above show signs of burning, which can lead to a valve wearing out long before it would otherwise.

Intake valves on a Chrysler Engine: These intake valves show signs of scorching. While exhaust valves run hotter than intakes, intake valves are still vulnerable to burning.

FOD inside a combustion chamber: FOD, or foreign object debris, is defined as a substance that should not be found in a certain location and can potentially cause damage. In this case, FOD found in the combustion chamber was due to shards of the ceramic body breaking off.

Engine problems such a scorching or valve failure can lead to an entire engine shutting down, which means every effort should be made to make sure that there is no internal damage of engine parts.

Video borescopes like the VJ-ADV are an ideal tool to help maintenance professionals make sure that the internal conditions of engines are free of FOD, scorching or other damage. Find out more about the VJ-ADV and how it can assist you in your automotive remote visual inspection needs.