Small Engine Photos

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The VJ-Advance video borescope is the ideal tool for engine and valve inspections, especially on small engines. With insertion tube diameters as slim as 2.8mm, the VJ-Advance can enter through even the smallest of access points; making internal inspections of small engines extremely accessible.

The photos displayed above were taken with the VJ-Advance at a small engine repair shop. Having an articulating borescope onsite that captures high-definition photo and video has increased the confidence in customers that their small engines are being fully repaired.


Intake Valve Spotting and Scorch Marks: These images show wear and corrosion on the intake valve due to high heat levels. This is common over time in valves that are not welded with a hard overlay.

Exhaust Valve Seat: The valve seat is a critical component of an engine. If it is corroded or deformed, valve leakage can occur. Valve leakage can drastically affect engine performance, efficiency and overall lifespan.

Having a video borescope onsite to identify these problems before they result in engine failure is a great way to save both time and money. Read more about borescopes for small engines in our case study.