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ahr-tik-yuh-ley-shuh n



Articulation refers to one of the features of Inspection Cameras. Some Rigid Fiberscopes are just that – rigid. The entire Fiberscope keeps its current shape 100% of the time. With rigid scopes, once the Distal Tip is inserted past the Insertion Point, the user loses all control over the field of vision of the device. What sets modern-day Video Borescopes and Videoscopes apart from other rigid Inspection Cameras is the Articulation that is available with the Distal Tip. By using joysticks, levers, or dials, the end of the Insertion Tube can be manipulated to see around corners or even inspect an entire enclosed area. Some of the Borescopes that are currently on the market can provide up to a 360° rotation of the camera head; maximizing the viewable area of the inspection. This feature can be either motor-driven or manual. See Motor-Driven Articulation and Manual Articulation for definitions.

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